Saturday, December 10, 2011


Went skiing today with the boys.  Nick and I got out for a few laps last week, and today we all made it up.  Nick has been TOTALLY amped about skiing ever since the first snow fell on the mountains in September.  Last weekend he insisted on walking from the truck carrying his skis.  Which is no small feat for someone who is barely 3' tall.  Today they both ripped it up on the magic carpet with Coen.

There is no question Nicholas is a skier.  He's determined to ski on his own, climb on and off the magic carpet by himself as well as take his skis on and off alone.  He's also trying SO hard to snowplow, but I think his little legs aren't quite strong enough yet to force his skis apart.

Tobin has improved vastly over last year and will be skiing on his own before the end of the month.  He's still a little shakey on his new skis, but like everything he does, he'll one day decide it's time to show these suckers how to ski and probably bust out a 360 or something.

Bring it.

 Sporting his new helmet

Our serious looks

This way dad!

Practicing his slopestyle

Exhausted and irrational on the way home.  Didn't want to take his boots, helmet googles or shark mitts off.  Clutching Diego like his life depended on it.


Anonymous said...

They look like a couple of Star War midgets in those huge goggles, especially Nick!

It won't be long before they're yelling at you to "hurry up Dad"!

Big hugs,


Albinoblackbear said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! and Awwwwwwwww!

I just about peed when I saw the "bring it" photo.

Love the photo essay!

Hugs from Auntie Er who always smells like gin. :)